Wednesday, March 7, 2012

project 3: random text generation

poem one
We bear the better ashamed tongue.
laying your eyes upon it
 and bitter like a wine-soaked tongue
 The hairs acomin down catch it CATCH it!!

poem 2
look what you did you little jerk
Whatever it is it can't be me
Funny Clown, bunch a balloons
Oh! How this job has got to me!

poem 3
I'm king of the world!
God's coming over and his bringing a shotgun
Whistles gently through the turgid bones of the world
All I can do is reach for a gun
you are not in control
You always used to be so kind
We have assumed control
Still the tears fell, and the fury of the wind...

The Electronic Muse was used to create the first poem, with Shakespeare as the inspiration of the piece

RoboPoem was used to create the second poem, using random works and a set number of syllables.

Heretical Rhyme Generator was used to create the third poem, using  famous movie lines as a jumping off point.


My experiences with the text generating applications were pleasant. My favorite application was RoboPoem, for its ability to really exude original creativity from little to no information from the user. I tried a multitude of different combinations text in attempts to bring out the receptiveness of the program but I came up empty. The Electronic Muse, was another I really enjoyed playing with. To get more specific, the number of poets given to choose from and the level of customization made available for the user really made this application fun and user friendly. lastly the Heretical Rhyme Generator was another application that displayed true original content, sending back meaningful and well written text with just a few words to work from.